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6 Safety Tips for Protective Motorcycle Gear

6 Safety Tips for Protective Motorcycle Gear

No matter how safe you are while riding your bike, it is still possible that you could be involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Whether you are struck by a car, clipped by another motorcycle, or simply lose control of your bike and skid off the roadway, the results could be catastrophic. Moreover, just about any type of motorcycle accident is likely to leave you exposed to significant physical injuries, permanent disability, and even death. That’s why it is imperative that you have protective motorcycle gear to ensure that you remain safe and free from injury in the event of a crash.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need to wear protective gear while riding your bike. The difference between surviving a motorcycle accident and being yet another fatality statistic could be the helmet, jacket, gloves, or other form of gear that you have on when you crash.

Here are a few safety tips for protective motorcycle gear that might just save your life:

Wear a Helmet

If you want to avoid a traumatic head injury and severe brain damage in a motorcycle crash, your best bet is to wear a helmet. Much like how wearing a seat belt can save the life of a motor vehicle driver or passenger, wearing a helmet can save the life of a motorcyclist.

Choose the Right Helmet

Once you’ve made the decision to wear a helmet while riding your bike, you need to take the time to ensure that you are wearing the right kind of helmet. First of all, make sure that the helmet has been properly tested and certified as compliant with the Department of Transportation motorcycle helmet standard. Second, choose between a full-faced helmet that covers your chin and an open-face helmet that provides a little more freedom for your face. However, if you go with an open-face helmet, consider opting for goggles in order to protect your eyes.

Cover Your Eyes

You need to cover your eyes so that you do not become blinded by debris from the road. Whether you wear foam-padded goggles or motorcycle glasses, make sure that the lenses are made from plastic or safety glass.

Wear Comfortable Gloves

Gloves will protect your hands, knuckles, and fingers against the harsh elements as your ride your bike. You should also choose gloves that are comfortable and that allow for sufficient mobility so that you can maintain control of the bike while steering.

Wear Sturdy Boots

A standard shoe is relatively flimsy and won’t protect your feet and toes from rocks and debris that fly off the roadway. That’s why you need a good motorcycle boot with internal reinforcements.

Consider Relevant Factors

Keep in mind that the specific type of motorcycle gear you should wear depends on various factors, such as the weather during that time of year, the climate where you live, the frequency with which you travel on a bike, and the type of riding you engage in.


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