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10 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make After a DWI Arrest

10 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make After a DWI Arrest

By:   Andrew S. Prince, Esq.
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Many people make simple mistakes which negatively affect the outcome of their DWI case and often make matters much worse.   Below is a list of the 10 biggest mistakes that people commonly make after a DWI arrest:

1.   Not Taking the Matter Seriously  

This is a charge that will follow you for the rest of your life, if you are convicted.   The additional insurance charges and surcharges alone would cost you more than $6,000.00.

2.   Not Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

Using your family lawyer, a recommendation of a friend, or whether to hire a local attorney, should be based on whether that lawyer knows DWI law.   The law is complex and your need competent representation.   You must raise the right defenses at the right time or you may lose them.   Facts will disappear, memories fade and witnesses vanish.   A winnable case can quickly become a loser.

3.   Hiring an Attorney Based on the Fee Alone

If your first question is “how much” then you may end up hiring someone less qualified to defend you.   Everyone has financial limitations, but you have just been arrested and you are seeing many potential consequences flash before you.   This is the time to hire the best DWI lawyer you can.   The amount of the fee also does not guarantee a particular result.

4.   Not Understanding the Consequences  

Knowing the consequences of a conviction is critical to planning your defense.   These answers may change how you proceed in your defense.   How your home state will treat a conviction, how your prior convictions factor in, if you are a commercial driver or what to expect with your job — these and many other issues can be addressed by a lawyer that understands the potential consequences of your particular consequences.

5.   Waiting Too Long to Hire a Lawyer

No one wants to be in this situation, but do not delay in hiring a competent lawyer to help you immediately.   Evidence can be lost the longer you wait to hire a lawyer.

6.   Not Having Competent Representation

If you are not satisfied with how your case is being handled, you are not “married” to the lawyer that you may have hired too fast.   You are free to consult with other counsel.

7.   Not Taking Full Advantage of Your Constitutional Rights

A lawyer that dabbles in DWI defense may not know nuances that can significantly help your case.   There are many constitutional and scientific defenses to DWI that can result in a successful defense.

8.   Just Pleading Guilty

Anyone can plead guilty.   If you fight the DWI, you can win.   If you plead guilty, you cannot.   There are constitutional and scientific challenges that result in dismissals of the DWI.

9.   Hiring a Lawyer Who is Not Suited for the Job  

Any lawyer can walk you in and plead you guilty.   When you hire a lawyer, determine whether that lawyer has a plan to defend you.   Your DWI lawyer must undertake a rigorous investigation and determination of the defense available in your specific case and advise you accordingly.

10.   Thinking that Talking to Attorneys Will Help You Handle It on Your Own

You need to have an attorney experienced in DWI defenses go to court with you.

To avoid these and other problems, seek the advice of an experienced NJ DWI defense attorney that has experience going to trial in DWI cases.

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