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Police Search for Suspect Accused of Running Over Motorcyclist Who Crashed in Pennsauken

Police Search for Suspect Accused of Running Over Motorcyclist Who Crashed in Pennsauken

A Philadelphia man was listed in critical condition after being thrown from his motorcycle and run over by another motorist on a roadway in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey. The biker, a 55-year-old resident of Philadelphia, PA, was riding his bike on Route 73 and traveling northbound when he passed the exit for Route 130. At some point after moving past the exit, the motorcyclist was struck from behind by a motor vehicle.

The collision caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from the bike and land hard on the pavement. While the injured biker was lying helplessly in the roadway, another motor vehicle drove through the scene of the accident and hit the victim. That motorist then continued driving on the highway and fled the area without bothering to stop to check on the motorist or dialing 911 to call for emergency assistance.

Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle that initially struck the motorcyclist stopped his car and remained at the scene of the crash.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the motorcyclist suffering from catastrophic injuries. The victim was rushed via ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery and received urgent medical care. Although doctors were able to save the victim’s life, he was still listed in “extremely critical” condition several days after the crash.

Criminal Charges for Causing DWI Accident in Pennsauken, NJ

The driver of the car that initially hit the motorcycle is a 65-year-old man who, like the injured biker, is also from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The motorist reportedly failed a breath test shortly after the accident, so he was placed under arrest by law enforcement and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Additionally, the Philadelphia man was charged with aggravated assault by auto because the accident resulted in severe bodily injuries to the victim.

Investigators were initially unsure about the involvement of a third vehicle in the near-fatal accident, but detectives eventually determined that the motorcyclist likely sustained additional injuries when another car ran him over in the roadway. At this time, however, police have not yet been able to identify the other suspect or the vehicle. Anyone who has information about the motorcycle accident is asked to get in touch with Pennsauken detectives.

If and when the third motorist is identified and apprehended by police, that individual would likely face serious criminal charges for aggravated assault by auto and leaving the scene of an accident. Additionally, the motorist could potentially be held liable in a personal injury claim for damages that include medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering of the injured motorcyclist.

This accident on Route 73 in Pennsauken NJ underscores the importance of driving very carefully while traveling along the highway. Route 73 is an extremely busy roadway that is used by drivers going back and forth between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That’s because Pennsauken Township is located along the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border. Anyone who uses Route 73, or any other roadway in this area, should make sure that they are exercising extreme caution. This is especially important at night, when it is more likely that intoxicated motorists and fatigued drivers will be on the road.


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