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How Serious Is Road Rash after a Motorcycle Accident?

Road rash is one of the most common injuries that are suffered in motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle rider can suffer road rash on any part of their body; the severity of the injury often depends on the clothing and protective gear that the rider was wearing at the time of the accident and on theContinue Reading

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Crashes at Intersections

Motorcycle accidents can happen at intersections when negligent drivers fail to yield to motorcycle riders or simply fail to notice motorcycles around them. Unfortunately, because motorcycle riders lack the protection of a vehicle frame or other safety features like seatbelts and airbags, riders tend to suffer severe injuries in collisions with other vehicles. Learn moreContinue Reading

Motorcycle Tips

By:  Andrew S. Prince, Esq. Attorney1-(800)-TEAM-LAW (832-6529)[email protected]  Call Me for a Free Consultation! Because riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than riding in a traditional vehicle, there are several rules and laws governing how to safely operate a bike. Andrew Prince, with over 25 plus years of representing bikers, recommends that all riders familiarizeContinue Reading

5 Things You Should Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

It is normal to feel overwhelmed immediately following an accident. Chances are, you are considering your injuries and how you will cover the cost of damages to your motorcycle. You might even be worried about your ability to return to work or your financial wellbeing. While it is important to consider each of these things,Continue Reading

Does Motorcycle Training Reduce Accidents?

By:  Andrew S. PrinceAttorney1-(800)-TEAM-LAW (832-6529)[email protected]  Call Me for a Free Consultation! Comparisons of the driving records of formally trained and informally trained (untrained) riders reveal that there are massive differences in the frequency and severity of accidents between the two groups.  Trained riders have fewer accidents of all kinds and less severe motorcycle accidents. TheseContinue Reading