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Motorcycle Crashes and the Role of Road Hazards

Motorcycle riding provides a thrilling experience for many enthusiasts, but it also comes with inherent risks. Riders encounter a distinct array of challenges while navigating the roads, and one particular element that exposes them to vulnerability is the presence of road hazards. These unforeseen obstacles pose a substantial risk of accidents for motorcyclists. This articleContinue Reading

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Key Insights on Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Settlements in NJ

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, often resulting in severe injuries and complex legal proceedings. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, understanding the legal landscape surrounding such incidents is crucial. This article aims to provide valuable insights on motorcycle accident injuries, the legal process, and settlementsContinue Reading

Distracting Driving

By: New Jersey Motorcycle Accident AttorneyAndrew S. Prince1-(800)-TEAM-LAW (832-6529) Holding Negligent Motorists Accountable Distracted driving has long been one of the biggest dangers on our roadways and the advent of smartphones, GPS, and smart vehicle systems has done nothing to decrease the threat of distracted driving. While anyone who shares the road with a distracted driver isContinue Reading

A Rider’s Guide to Financial Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey

Motorcycle riders face a higher risk of injury in accidents than drivers of other vehicles, with a mortality rate 28 times higher than that of car occupants per vehicle mile traveled, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In addition to the physical and emotional trauma, a motorcycle accident can cause significantContinue Reading

Top Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

Riding a motorcycle on New Jersey roads can be exhilarating, but it also comes with a greater risk of accidents compared to other vehicles. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer severe injuries in accidents than car drivers, as motorcycles offer less protection than cars, leaving riders vulnerable to these types of accidents and injuries. TheseContinue Reading