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Team Law Attorneys Help Motorcyclists Injured in Red Light Accidents throughout New Jersey

From the earliest ages, children learn what the “red, yellow and green” lights mean on a traffic signal. However, there are many factors that cause drivers to ignore the familiar signals and try to “beat” the light. When a motorcycle is involved in a reckless accident caused by another driver who failed to obey the most basic rules of the road, serious injuries and even wrongful death may be the result.

If you or someone you love has been injured, or paid the ultimate price, in a red light accident while riding a motorcycle, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who will get you the justice you want and the financial compensation you deserve. Call Team Law today for a free consultation about your accident and injuries. All cases are taken on a contingency basis; if we don’t collect damages for you, you don’t pay.

How Common are Red Light Accidents?

There are approximately two million red light accidents occurring throughout the US every year, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) Of those crashes, over 165,000 people die due to a driver who ran a red light and caused the fatal accident.

It seems rather obvious to suggest all drivers must pay attention to issues of right of way, especially at traffic signals and stop signs. However, many are too busy doing other things rather than paying attention to the road. Since motorcycles are far smaller than other vehicles, failure to watch the road can mean the difference between seeing and avoiding a motorcycle and a serious accident.

It’s important to contact a savvy motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. While you are focusing on your recovery, the experienced attorneys at Team Law will be investigating what happened and building a case to win you maximum compensation for your medical treatment, lost pay, pain and suffering and more.

Throughout New Jersey, there are cameras mounted at intersections atop traffic lights and overhead wires. When a vehicle ignores the red light signal, the camera is triggered to capture a photo of the car and license plate. At Team Law, we use this information and we consult with traffic reconstruction experts and safety engineers to determine exactly what happened that caused the accident and your injuries. We leave no stone unturned as we interview witnesses, review police and medical reports and negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company to get you the highest possible settlement. When they refuse to settle, we are prepared to go to court and present your case in front of a jury. We’ve collected millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients injured in motorcycle accidents.

What are the Main Causes of Red Light Accidents in New Jersey?

Hopefully, most drivers understand the reason for traffic signals. According to national polls conducted by the US Department of Transportation, the vast majority of drivers believe the rules of the road are critical to keeping all travelers safe. Still, for a variety of reasons drivers ignore traffic signals, or try to beat the light while it’s yellow. It’s also not unusual for the second car from the intersection to speed up to beat the light when the front vehicle — a motorcycle — slows down. Rear-end accidents at red lights involving motorcycles are common and dangerous.

What causes red light accidents?

  • Aggression or road rage
  • Distracted driving such as using a cell phone, looking at a GPS or other directions, eating, drinking, smoking, adjusting the radio, talking with passengers
  • Daydreaming or general failure to pay attention (they didn’t notice the light change)
  • DWI/DUI — driving under the influence impacts reaction time and overall attention
  • Fatigue
  • Other traffic violations such as speeding or following too closely
  • Driver inexperience

All accidents can result in serious injuries and even wrongful death. However, when a motorcycle is involved, the injuries can be especially critical because bikers are not surrounded by several tons of steel and protective airbags. There is little to protect a motorcyclist from catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputated limbs, whiplash, broken bones, cuts and lacerations and road rash that can turn into serious infection. Additionally, the psychological and emotional effects of a motorcycle crash can be life-altering.

Contact Team Law right away for a free consultation about your motorcycle accident, whether your injuries were caused by another driver who failed to stop at a red light or any other reckless driving mistake.

Team Law Attorneys Offer Free Consultations for Victims of Motorcycle Crashes

There is a statute of limitations in New Jersey regarding personal injury claims. You must file a lawsuit within two years of your accident date to preserve your right to collect damages. When you contact Team Law we will fully investigate what happened using all technology and evidence available to prove liability in your accident. We will fight tirelessly to hold the reckless driver responsible for your injuries

Call Team Law today or a free consultation about your accident. There are no upfront legal costs. If we don’t win damages on your behalf, you won’t pay us a dime.

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