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Non-Fatal Tilton Road Motorcycle Accident

Non-Fatal Tilton Road Motorcycle Accident

On Tuesday night, June 27th of 2017, a motorcycle accident involving four people occurred on Tilton Road, leaving a few people injured, but none dead. Luckily, the driver of the motorcycle was wearing a Department of Transportation approved helmet, and was only left with a few serious, though non-life-threatening injuries.

The accident occurred Tuesday night around 9:07 pm. A driver who was driving a 2002 Saturn westbound on Tilton Road attempted to turn left onto Aloe Street, though failed to see an oncoming motorcycle. A 30-year-old motorcycle driver was driving the speed limit eastbound on Tilton Road, and was cut off by the driver of the Saturn. This led to the motorcycle driver hitting the passenger side door of the Saturn. The motorcycle driver was thrown from his bike, but was likely saved due to his DOT approved helmet. Medical officials arrived within minutes of the accident, and were able to take the motorcycle driver to the hospital to treat him for serious, but non-life-threating injuries.

There was also a 6-year-old child in the Saturn. Of the other people in the car, he was the only one who was seriously hurt. He too was taken into the hospital for serious, though non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the motorcycle was fortunate to be able to survive such a crash.

Motorcycle accidents are among some of the worst accidents to happen on the road. What is worse is that the majority of the accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle, rather the negligence of another driver who fails to notice the motorcycle at all. These are kinds of cases that can be made, and with the help of a well-qualified attorney, there is a great chance to get the money you deserve for being in the crash. Andrew Prince is dedicated to helping you with your motorcycle injuries. Contact our law office today to schedule a consultation.