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Fatal Motorcycle Accident on New Jersey Turnpike

Fatal Motorcycle Accident on New Jersey Turnpike

Early on Friday on June 30th of 2017, a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in New Jersey on the New Jersey Turnpike. Though not many details have been released on the crash, police know it happened around 2:00 am and every southbound lane was closed by 6:45 am. To add to the confusion, there was a disabled truck not too far from the accident, leading authorities to question whether or not the tuck may have been involved.

Though no confirmed details have been released on the cause of the accident, police do have a couple ideas as to what might have happened. There were no other cars around the area that showed signs of damage from hitting a motorcycle, or a motorcycle hitting them. This has led police to believe that the motorcycle lost control. The motorcycle and the driver were found off the road as he seemed to be exiting the turnpike. Officials believe as he went to drive off the highway, he lost control of his bike at a high speed, and was killed in such a manner. Though, as more details emerge, they say there is a chance another car may be involved.

As to whether or not the driver of the motorcycle was intoxicated or on drugs is not known. If he was hit by another car, there may be a chance the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The accident has causes an hour delay on the George Washington Bridge headed into New Jersey.

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