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“No Contact” Motorcycle Accidents

New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyerIs it possible to be held liable when no real collision occurred between your vehicle and a motorcycle? The short and often surprising answer is yes when your negligence caused the biker to crash. Courts typically determine who is responsible for financial compensation based on the negligence of each driver, so whether your vehicle made physical impact with the motorcycle or not won’t be a critical factor in your case.

Motorcycle Accidents Resulting From Negligent Drivers

The general definition of negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care. When such actions cause injury to another person, the victim can seek compensation from the negligent party. Motor vehicle drivers have a duty to obey traffic laws, maintain an awareness of their surroundings and practice reasonable care for other motorists including bikers.

“No contact” motorcycle accidents occur when vehicles take an action without awareness of a nearby motorcycle which causes the biker to lose control of their bike. Despite not making impact with another car, the bike may swerve, crash or lay down. The biker could be seriously injured attempting to avoid your vehicle. In these types of situations, the negligent car driver will still be held liable for damages even though no contact was made between the car and bike. Vehicles are expected to make a reasonable effort to keep motorcyclists safe on the road.

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