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You Can Never Have Too Much Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you’ve decided to pull back on your bike insurance spend in favor of some new boots or tail pipe, you should at least be told that’s not a smart idea. While the new duds might look cool, the stack of bills you’ll have when insurance doesn’t cover the full boat of accident damages will be the opposite of cool.

Max out your insurance coverage wherever possible on your policy. Pay particularly close attention to Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage. You can only be sure of your driving skills and insurance protection. You cannot count on other drivers on the road for anything; they certainly aren’t planning on getting into an accident with a motorcycle today. In fact, they probably won’t see you until it’s too late.

Find your policy paperwork right now. Or, call your insurance carrier. Make sure you have the maximum amount of coverage you can possibly afford. And, when you think about what you can afford — consider what you will be able to afford if you get into an accident. Can you and your family afford to have you out of work? Can you afford to replace your bike?

Motorcycle insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to car insurance and certainly hospital bills. Contact NJ motorcycle accident lawyer Andrew Prince for a complete FREE review of your current policy. He will advise you about whether it’s in your best interest to make any changes to ensure you have maximum protection in case of a motorcycle crash.