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AMA Submits 30,000 Signature Petition to EPA Fighting Ethanol Increase

When the US Environmental Protection Agency announced its Renewable Fuel Standard Proposal on May 29, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) immediately began to amass opposition to the plan. The government wants to increase the amount of ethanol in the country’s fuel supply which would “increase the risk of inadvertent mis-fueling for motorcyclists and all-terrain-vehicle owners by forcing the widespread availability of higher-ethanol fuel blends, such as E15,” according to Wayne Allard, vice president for government relations at the AMA.

Less than two months later, the organization had collected nearly 30,000 signatures on a petition calling for the EPA to drop its plan to increase ethanol in fuel. In fact, the AMA is requesting that the EPA reduce standards for ethanol levels. The EPA says it will make a final decision by Nov. 30.

If ethanol levels are increased, experts say fuel blends will have to be increased to about E15; the 22 million ATVs and motorcycles in the US currently use E10. “By forcing higher-ethanol fuel blends into the marketplace, the E10 most Americans currently rely on for their vehicles could become less available and gasoline with no ethanol may become virtually unavailable,” Allard pointed out.

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