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Need a Reason to Ride Your Motorcycle to Work? Here are 3 (and a Great Tip, Too!)

If you are a biker, you already know the amazing feeling of freedom when you hop on and speed off. If you’ve reserved your rides for non-work time, you may want to consider commuting to work on your motorcycle. With autumn just around the corner, you can enjoy the scenery and your bike at the same time. You may even find yourself passing on your morning java in favor of brisk wind in your face!

Save Money! Most people don’t go to work every day for the health of it! They go to earn a living to provide for their families. Commuting to work by motorcycle can help you save more of your paycheck. You will likely save money on gas, tolls and parking. It also costs less in New Jersey to insure, register and even fix motorcycles over cars!

Reduce Anxiety! When is the last time you were out on your motorcycle feeling stressed out? Most bikers report that all that nonsense melts away on the open road. Of course, a commute is a bit different than a back-road joy ride. You’ll likely encounter traffic and a fair share of road rage. You can stay focused on what’s important to you while you are riding. When you are in the car you can be distracted with music, the phone, etc. On a bike, you can focus on appreciating how great it feels to be a biker.

It’s Easier and More Convenient! Motorcycling is a lifestyle choice. No one has to tell you that life on a bike is just calmer. No one is talking to you. You have no choice but to put down the phone. Parking is easier. It’s just a more simple — and fun — way to get around. You may want to be riding instead of working, but commuting by bike just may be a compromise you can live with!

An Important Tip for Bikers Who Want to Make the Most of their Commute

Dress Right: You may not normally give a second thought to what you are wearing on your weekend bike ride. You throw on jeans and a t-shirt and head out, right? However, when you are headed to work, you need to think about not only dressing for the weather but also for success — at your job! If you work in an office, you may want to keep work clothing on hand there to change into each day. Or, you can purchase a riding suits designed to allow you to wear a business suit underneath.

Commuting to work on a motorcycle can be a dangerous endeavor. Bikers are at risk when sharing highways with motorists who frequently report they just don’t “see motorcycles” on the roadway! If you do get injured in an accident, contact motorcycle injury lawyer Andrew Prince today for a free consultation. He will fight for maximum compensation for your injuries.