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A Personal Catastrophe Liability Umbrella policy provides liability coverages in excess of your underlying auto insurance liability coverage. In a perfect world, I recommend that a policyholder purchase $500,000.00 liability coverage on their personal automobile policy and then purchase a $1,000,000.00 umbrella. This double coverage provides liability coverage of $1,500,000.00 to protect your assets if someone makes a claim against you. However, some of you might be asking if I do not have a lot of assets, why do I need so much insurance in which to protect me? The reason is quite simple. You cannot purchase protection for yourself in the form of “Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM)” unless you also have a similar amount of liability coverage.

I strongly recommend that, as an automobile policyholder, you purchase “UM/UIM” coverage of $500,000.00. This is critical. So many of you do not realize you save a few dollars by not having the same UM/UIM coverage as your liability coverage. It drives me crazy to see someone having $500,000.00 liability coverage but much less “UM/UIM” coverage. If I have confused you with what I just stated herein, you need to speak with me. There is never, ever a charge for a legal consultation. This “UM/UIM” coverage of $500,000.00 provides you benefits if you are injured and the party who caused the accident has less insurance than you do. This is such an important concept to understand.

I believe that if you carry significant liability insurance if someone else is injured by your negligence but only carry less “UM/UIM” if you are injured is not right. Accordingly, I recommend that everyone finds an insurance company that provides “UM/UIM” coverage on their umbrella policy. There are insurance companies out there now that will provide you with umbrella coverage that includes “UM/UIM” coverage. Just imagine having $1,000,000.00 of “UM/UIM” coverage or more. Now you are truly protected if seriously injured in an accident. Driving a car or a motorcycle is a serious risk. It is unwise to be driving with significant liability coverage but only having less “UM/UIM” coverage. Please all of you need to have at least $500,000.00 of liability coverage and $500,000.00 of “UM/UIM” coverage. For those of you who have assets, you need an umbrella policy and your umbrella policy should also have similar limits of “UM/UIM” coverage of at least up to 1 million dollars. Call me. Any questions, I am here to answer them for you. Let me guide you to protect yourself and your family.

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