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When Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Only Goes So Far

Tire safety and other vehicle maintenance issues are commonly overlooked by New Jersey motorists. Whether they don’t have the money to make the repair immediately, keep forgetting about it or are simply the type of person that keeps riding until something bad happens, many Garden State drivers tempt fate on a daily basis by failing to properly maintain their vehicles. The notoriously poor condition of many of our state’s roadways makes tire pressure an especially important issue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that flat-tire blowouts are responsible for over for 400 traffic fatalities as well as over 10,000 injuries in the United States. Tire “detreading” often ends up causing multi-vehicle accidents because of the way they cause cars to spin out into the flow of traffic at high speeds (often in excess of 50 miles per hour). As is the case with most motor vehicle accidents, the impact sustained from a flat-tire blowout by motorcyclists is generally far worse than that of an automobile driver. Car drivers have the protection and insulation of three or more tons of steel.

The good news is that motorcycle riders are generally more conscientious when it comes to tire maintenance and other vehicle upkeep issues. Perhaps it’s the seasonal nature of recreational riding, but it has become a ritual for most bikers to make sure their engine is in working order, their fluid levels are where they should be and their tires are equipped to meet the rigors of the road before hitting it.

Unfortunately, it’s usually the other drivers on the road that you have to worry about. If you’ve been injured by another motorist, talk to an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney immediately. You shouldn’t have to pay for their irresponsibility.

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