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Three Critical Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Congratulations on getting your motorcycle license. This is indeed a momentous occasion. You’re about to have an experience that is matched by few other things, if anything, in life. Before getting your own bike and hitting the road, however, there are few things you should know that many new riders tend to forget, or flat out ignore, that can get them in a heap of trouble. In addition to having legal and life-threatening implications, a bad experience right out of the gate can discourage new riders to get back on their bikes because they’ve convinced themselves that it’s too dangerous. The reality is that you can mitigate danger and maximize fun by:

Putting Safety First

Sounds easy enough right? You’d be surprised how many new riders are inclined to excessively speed, zip through cars in traffic and fail to observe the general rules of the road. This night only increases their risk of a serious accident; it also gives other riders a bad reputation. Putting safety first means wearing the proper protective gear, sharing the road with other drivers and exercising simple common sense.

Don’t Buy “Too Much” Bike

It may be tempting to buy an oversized hog or the fastest sport bike you can find, but remember that you can still enjoy the exhilaration of the open road on a bike that better dovetails with your size, comfort zone and lifestyle. Many new riders wind up getting these brand-new bikes and wind up crashing them their first week of riding because they were different than the ones on which they took their riding tests.

Buy PLENTY of Insurance

If your insurance agent suggests something, say yes. The fact is that you very well may have an accident some day. Whether this accident results in simple damage to your bike or something more serious, you will need all the insurance you can get in order to pay expenses and minimize financial hardship.

While safety is an important part of a rider’s life on the road, you can’t control what other drivers do. If another driver has injured you in a motorcycle accident, call an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.

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