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Tips for Getting to Work Safely on Your Motorcycle

You may have been a weekend road warrior but now you’ve decided to ditch the car and make your motorcycle a part of your everyday commute. Depending on your job — location, dress code, etc. — there are likely a variety of things you need to take into consideration before you merge into rush hour traffic.

  1. Dress accordingly — When you are getting into your garaged car, it’s easy to forget to about the weather. However, bikers must be mindful and dress accordingly for cold, rain, etc. Additionally, if you are able to wear jeans to the office — that’s fantastic. However, if your office environment requires casual or even professional business attire, you may need to think about bringing clothing and changing once you get there. (Or at least find a way to secure a bag with your suit jacket and tie, as well as brief case, to the bike!)
  2. Be prepared — A major difference between commuting on a motorcycle and joy riding is the issue of time. If you have to get somewhere at a certain time, you need to take into consideration traffic, accidents, etc. Also, if you get stuck with an empty gas tank on a joy ride, you may have time to wait for help. If you have a meeting at 9:15 a.m., make sure your gas tank is full.
  3. Plan ahead — Leave shoes and other work essentials (ladies — makeup?) at work so you don’t have to worry about being disheveled after a bike ride.
  4. Everyone else — Bikers already deal with insolent car drivers who don’t share the road well. Hate to say it, but they are even worse when they are trying to get to work. Distracted driving is at its highest level. As a motorcyclist, stay alert.

Finally, have fun! Sure, you are headed to work. But, now that you’ve made the decision to ride there, it doesn’t have to feel like the daily grind anymore. Leave early every so often and take a new route. Maybe schedule time after work for an extra ride. We all owe and when it comes to work, we have to go — but you can make the most of every moment getting there.

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