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Catastrophic Motorcycle Injuries May Include  Physical and Emotional Trauma

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Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with damage to their emotions and psyche along with their physical injuries.

The injured rider’s family and loved ones often suffer from frayed nerves and have trouble coping with the life-changing nature of a serious New Jersey motorcycle accident.   I am a motorcycle injury attorney in New Jersey who is available for support when you or someone you love is in need of help after a serious motorcycle injury.   I will take the time to thoroughly review your case and secure for you the help you need for your injuries, both physical and emotional.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Can Result in Loss of Income

In the case of a catastrophic accident, there may be physical abilities that are lost for a period of time, or even permanently.   This can impede or prevent the injured party from being able to work in the same manner which they did prior to the accident, or even at all.

A personal injury attorney understands that these types of changes to someone’s life are hard to process, mentally.   Psychological counseling may be needed and be included as part of the motorcycle accident settlement plan negotiated by a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney like Andrew S. Prince, Esq.   In some cases, post-traumatic stress disorder occurs wherein the accident victim has repeated visions of the accident which are hard to deal with.

Depending on how devastating the injury is, the rider may not be able to ride their motorcycle again and will most likely have issues filling that void left by losing an activity that they were passionate about.   If their social life was based around riding, they may have to create new friendships and possibly even seek emotional and psychological support.

As a personal injury attorney, I will work with you through the process of resolving your claim.   I will undertake all the communication and negotiation with the insurance companies and adjusters that are involved, so you do not have to worry.   I will attempt to amicably settle your claim out of court, but if a motorcycle accident lawsuit is necessary, I will take care of all the details involved.

Please call Andrew S. Prince, Esq. at (800) TEAM-LAW or (800) 832-6529 for help from New Jersey motorcycle attorney who understands your needs and lifestyle.

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