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Sussex Borough NJ Motorcycle Accident Victim Loses Damages Award after Verdict Overturned

A Sussex County appellate court recently overturned a sizable damages award for a biker who sustained significant physical injuries in a motorcycle accident.

The motorcycle accident occurred in 2010 on a road in Sussex Borough, New Jersey. The victim, 57-year-old Steven Visaggio, was stopped at a red light on Route 23 when a pick-up truck crashed into him from behind.

Visaggio later claimed that he was entitled to a massive amount of compensation because the motorcycle accident resulted in significant physical injuries that included catastrophic damage to his spinal cord, neck, and shoulder. Visaggio also requested compensation for his pain and suffering, as well as compensation for his wife’s loss of consortium.

A civil trial was held, with the jury returning a verdict in favor of the injured motorcyclist and awarding Visaggio damages totaling more than $20.2 million. That amount included compensation for attorneys’ fees.

Sometime after the trial verdict was handed down, the defendant filed an appeal and argued that the jury’s award was excessive. The defendant truck driver also claimed that the trial judge erred by failing to allow into evidence photographs and videos that showed the Visaggio performing dangerous work several years after supposedly being permanently disabled in the motorcycle crash.

The appellate court, which is composed of three judges, ultimately heard the appeal and ruled in favor of the defendant. The court held that the initial trial was unfair and that the damages amount was “grossly disproportionate” to the actual damages suffered by the motorcycle accident victim.

However, not all hope is lost for the motorcycle accident victim in the personal injury case. The appellate court ordered a new civil trial in the case, which means that Visaggio will once again have an opportunity to demonstrate to a jury that he suffered significant injuries in the Sussex Borough motorcycle crash.

To learn more, access the article, “Court Takes Away Motorcyclist’s $20.2M Accident Award”


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