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Super Motorcycle Helmet Offers Futuristic Safety Features

The Guardian GA-1 could potentially take motorcycle safety and the way riders look at the road to a completely new level. Created by Hoboken, NJ resident Ryan Shearman, the Guardian offers augmented reality for riders and high tech specs which look like they belong in “The Matrix.”

Heads up displays, live video feeds from the front and back of the bike and crash alert systems are just a few of the features of this helmet, which has already been approved by the Department of Transportation. The idea of the helmet is to not only protect riders from accidents, but to have technology which would prevent motorcycle crashes from happening.

A large portion of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles occur because the other driver was unaware of the motorcyclist. This is especially true in busy metropolitan areas with high volumes of cars. The technology in the Guardian helmet is aimed at remedying that problem and allowing bikers to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

In addition, when a biker gets into a crash, they are far more likely to receive serious or fatal injuries than those driving cars.

With many cars armed with this type of technology, it would seem long overdue for motorcycles. According to the Federal Highway Authority, there are about 2,500 motorcycle accidents each year, with about 2,000 injuries and 70 fatalities in New Jersey annually. Further, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in NJ, stats show that you have a 75 percent chance of sustaining an injury.

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