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Motorcycle Accidents Do Happen

princeSadly motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled in the United States over the past 15 years. Strangely, motorcycle deaths have risen but the number of overall traffic deaths have decreased. We all know that a motorcycle does not provide an airbag, seatbelt or steel frame to protect us. Riders are vulnerable to all of the elements. I cannot urge you enough that it is so important to every few years to go for a motorcycle class.

I know you all think that you have enough experience and do not need to attend a class. You would be wrong. I promise you that no matter how experienced you are, you will learn something in either in a beginner, intermediate or advanced experienced rider class. There is a class no matter what your rider experience is at the present time. Plus, I promise that you will meet new people and thank me for the experience to attend one of these classes.

I currently sit on the Board of Directors of what I believe to be the best motorcycle school in New Jersey. Rider Education of New Jersey (RENJ) has been in business for 25 years. This summer we expect to teach our 75,000th student.

Please look up Rider Education of New Jersey (RENJ) on the internet or call them at (800) 8WE-RIDE or (800) 893-7433 Please do not hesitate to contact me about your legal rights or questions pertaining to a motorcycle accident as well as your current motorcycle insurance. I promise you that a two-minute conversation with me or email to me pertaining to your motorcycle insurance could change your life for yourself as well as your family and children. There is never a charge for speaking with me or emailing me your motorcycle questions, especially about motorcycle insurance. Have a safe riding season.

For over 25 years, Andrew Prince, Esq. has been representing NJ motorcycle riders who have been injured in accidents. If you or someone you know deserves to be compensated for their injuries sustained in an accident, contact  Mr. Prince today for a free consultation about the case