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Staying Safe on the New Jersey Roadways

Staying Safe on the New Jersey Roadways

Motorcycle accidents are devastating, and can even be fatal for those involved.   There are some factors that can make a motorcycle accident more likely and can contribute to the severity of the accident.   These include speed, alcohol consumption, and not wearing proper safety gear.   Making the roads safer for everyone that uses them–cars and motorcycles alike–are possible with these steps.


One of the first things that motorcyclists can do to prepare themselves for a crash is wearing the right safety gear.   Heavy leathers can be hot in the summer, but can help to protect your skin from road rash and other injuries during a crash.   Helmets help protect you from head injuries.   In addition, it’s necessary to make yourself visible.   Wear bright colors to stand out to the other drivers on the road.   Ride safely and avoid drinking while driving.


Drivers can miss seeing motorcycles on the roadways around them on a good day, and this can be even worse for distracted drivers.   To keep everyone safe while driving during the summer months, drivers should be willing to share the road, avoid tailgating motorcyclists, stay aware, and be courteous to other.   Always check your mirror twice before switching lanes, and put down any tablets or mobile devices.

Good News

The good news here is that in the past few years, fatal motorcycle crashes in New Jersey have been going down.   Data collected by AAA found that there were 62 deaths in 2014, and under 50 in 2015.   Data has not yet been released for last year, but it is hopeful that this downward trend in numbers will continue.   This means that the awareness efforts have been helping.

No matter your best intentions, you may have found yourself in a motorcycle accident.   You can get the help you need from an experienced lawyer to help protect your rights in this situation.   Contact us today about going over your case.