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Spring Has Sprung for Bike Riders: Be Careful out There

With what we can all agree was one of the worst winters in recent history behind us, we are no doubt chomping at the bit to get back on our bikes and get back on the open road. No matter how many years you’ve had a motorcycle, you know that danger lurks around every bend in the road — mostly because of other motorists who often fail to “see” bikers.

When you add to that a bit of spring fever on the part of a biker, it’s not uncommon to allow safety to take a back seat to the exhilaration of being an avid rider. Here are a few thoughts to ponder as you prepare for the season you’ve been waiting for to come into full swing:

More Traffic = More Potential Accidents
If there’s one thing you’ve learned from living, driving and riding in New Jersey it’s that NJ is a magnet for vacationers from everywhere. This means much more volume on the roads. Likewise, you are going to have to deal with huge numbers of drivers who have absolutely no idea where they are going. They are more focused on the kids in the backseat and the GPS than you! So, stay alert and pay attention. Figure that they won’t see you and stay back.

Stay off the Highways as Much as Possible
There may be few things worse for a biker than traffic — especially on hot summer days. Protective clothing is stifling. Exhaust fumes are disgusting. For these reasons, learn about back roads and use them. All those vacationers aren’t taking the scenic route. You can and should. Besides the sight of New Jersey’s farms and fields during a ride is much better than looking at the back of a Mercedes SUV from Staten Island.

The sad reality is that, despite all these cautionary tales, there will be a series of motorcycle accidents in NJ this summer. Some will be worse than others and if, you’re one of the unfortunate riders involved, you need an experienced and committed legal advocate to passionately represent your interests in court.

Andrew Prince is an experienced attorney and motorcycle rider advocate with an unmatched commitment to riders’ rights. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact  him today for a free consultation about your injuries. He will fight hard to win you maximum compensation.