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Once a Biker Chick, Always a Biker Chick

Gloria Tramontin Struck is 89 years old. Many women her age are focused on grandchildren, Bingo and knitting. Struck isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, when she takes to the open road on her Harley Davidson, she is all about speed.

She is a long-time member of the Motor Maids, the very first organization dedicated to female motorcyclists. She has been riding since she was 12. In fact, she was featured in a documentary film in 2013 called “Why We Ride.”

Struck and her daughter ride all around the United States and Canada; both women are active in motorcycle gatherings throughout the country. Today, Struck rides a Harley Hertigage Softail Classic; but she always owns a few bikes at a time. Throughout her lifetime, she said, she has owned 14 motorcycles. Her first was an Indian Scout Pony.

The longtime rider says she has had some scrapes on the road, but the crashes have never been her fault. Unfortunately for bikers, that’s usually the case. Most motorcycle accidents that occur in the United States are caused by the drivers of other vehicles who claim they “didn’t see” the motorcycle.

All bikers must be vigilant about their own safety. However, at the same time, it’s important to know that accidents do happen. When they do, you need to contact an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer who will fight for maximum compensation for your accidents.

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