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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents by Avoiding Road Hazards

Avoiding road hazards as a motorcyclistCertain road hazards may be considered no big deal when you are driving your car. Things such as uneven road surfaces, small objects, random debris and a slick surface usually is not something a person behind the wheel of a car has to worry about too much. However, when a person is driving a motorcycle these road hazards could cause unfortunate accidents that may lead to serious injury or even death. This is why being aware of what these hazards are and the precautions a motorcyclist should take to avoid them is beneficial knowledge all riders should be aware of.

Most Common Road Hazards for Motorcycles

When a person gets into an accident in a motorcycle rather than a car the chance of a terrible injury or even death rises exponentially as there is nothing between the road and your bike but yourself. That being said, the following is a list of the most common road hazards that those on motorcycles are likely to come across at some point.

Uneven roads – Rough and bumpy roads are a huge cause of motorcycle accidents. Whether it be because of construction or not being repaired for quite some time a rough road can easily be the cause of a motorcycle accident.
Gravel  – A normal thing for cars to navigate gravel can be extremely hard for a motorcyclist to drive on. Driving a motorcycle fast on gravel is a quick way to get into an accident so it is best to not do so unless you have the right skills to handle it.
Railway crossings and tracks – There should always be signs to alert drivers that there is a railway crossing and tracks ahead but regardless motorcycle tires can often get caught in a railway track leading to an accident especially when the weather is bad.
Debris and/or objects in the road – Whether it be branches, rocks, tire treads or any other hazardous materials in the road all of these can easily lead a motorcyclist to get into an accident. Many times they can be more hazardous than cars, as cars are to be expected out on the road and easier to see whereas debris can seemingly come out of nowhere.

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