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How to Prevent New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes

This past winter’s crazy wprinceeather caused countless potholes on roadways throughout New Jersey. Further, on any given day, Mother Nature can make traveling NJ roadways dangerous. Other vehicles, almost all much bigger and heavier than a motorcycle, are driven by people who don’t always share the road safely.

For these reasons and many others, motorcycle riders in NJ must be focused on safety at all times. Here are some things New Jersey riders can take to help protect themselves from motorcycle crashes.

1.   Maintain and utilize proper equipment: This not only refers to making sure your tires are the correct pressure and that your bike is running smoothly. Proper equipment also includes an approved helmet, goggles and other clothing to protect your bare skin and lessen impact.

2. Always drive sober: This is an obvious one, yet thousands of riders are nabbed for DUIs and DWIs every year. It’s unsafe to drive intoxicated in any vehicle, but you are even more at risk on a motorcycle.

3. Slow down: This isn’t a race; you don’t have to be the first to get to the traffic light. Excessive speeds make maneuverability and braking much more difficult. Also, in inclement weather, even driving the posted speed limit can be dangerous for motorcyclists.

4. Keep your distance: If you aren’t too close to the other vehicles on the road you will naturally have a better chance of avoiding an accident. Seconds and half seconds are crucial when trying to make a sudden stop or swerve.

5. Make yourself visible: Being that motorcycles are smaller vehicles, sometimes drivers can accidently overlook them. Doing whatever you can do to be seen and heard will be very helpful in avoiding an accident. Bright apparel, an eye-catching paint job and avoiding blind spots are a great start.

6. Training: Taking defensive driving courses and other motorcyclist classes can only help in preventing crashes. Remember what your mother always told you; it’s the other drivers on the road that you have to worry about.

For over 25 years, Andrew Prince, Esq. has been representing NJ motorcycle riders who have been injured in crashes. If you or someone you know deserves to be compensated for their injuries sustained in an accident, contact  Mr. Prince today for a free consultation about your case.