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Obtain NJ Motorcycle Licenses with Six Points of ID Documentation

princeIn order to obtain a driver’s license, including a motorcycle driver’s license in New Jersey, you will need to present sufficient personal identification to prove you are who you say you are. Some people find these guidelines cumbersome, because many people don’t have hands-on access to some of the pieces of acceptable documents.

The Motor Vehicle Commission Agency (MVC) enacted the “6 Point ID Verification” procedure to assist in preventing identity theft. It makes sense that valid NJ licenses are only issued after ID has been verified with proper legal documents. To make sure this process is done correctly, you will be required to bring your ID paperwork to the MVC agency when you go to apply for your motorcycle license.

There are several types of documents accepted by the MVC; each is worth a certain number of points. A license applicant must present documents valued at a total of six points or more, pay a fee and have a photo taken to obtain their valid license. The six points must be made up of one primary ID, one secondary ID, something that verifies your social security number and proof of address.

Here are some of the most common combinations:

Have   US Passport? Present:

– US Passport (4 pts, primary)

– Current NJ photo driver license (1 pt, secondary)

– ATM card with name and signature (1 pt, secondary)

– Credit card bill less than 90 days old (address verification)

If you are a new driver, present:

– Civil birth certificate (4 pts, primary)

– Social Security card (1 pt, secondary)

– Bank statement or record (1 pt, secondary)

Changed your last name through marriage? You can show:

– Civil birth certificate (4 pts, primary)

– Civil marriage certificate (3 pts, secondary)

– Utility bill less than 90 days old (address verification)

Visit for a list of all of the identification documents (and their point value) accepted by the MVC.

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