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Motorcyclist Needs Spleen Removed After Crash

Motorcyclist Needs Spleen Removed After Crash

In Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, a motorcyclist from Fair Lawn was required to have her spleen removed following a crash on the Garden State  Parkway in Woodcliff Lake. The crash took place just prior to 8:00 a.m. Monday, April 10, 2017, at milepost 169.2 on the parkway in the northern direction.

According to New Jersey State Trooper Lawrence Peele, Joan Kavanaugh Merrick revealed to the trooper who spoke with her following the accident that she attempted to avoid a vehicle that entered her lane, and then she lost control of the bike. Her husband, John, said her arm is not broken, but she suffered a shoulder injury, and may need surgery.

The motorist left her and just kept driving. Trooper Peele said State Police were in the midst of an investigation into whether there was any contact between the vehicle and Mrs. Merrick’s motorcycle. He requested that anyone who may have witnessed the crash, or is in possession of information that could be helpful to the investigation, call the New Jersey State Police at (609) 882-2000.

Some of the usual causes of motorcycle accidents include:   left turns made by cars and other vehicles in front of motorcycles, striking gravel in a blind corner, entering a corner too quickly, and a car that changes lanes, and enters the space you are occupying. Another common accident is where a car strikes a motorcycle from behind, especially when the motorcyclist is at a stop sign, cross walk or intersection. The most typical accident is a fender bender, which can be fatal to a motorcyclist. An accident can also occur where a motorist opens his door wide open in front of the motorcyclist when there is a line of parked cars and a stationary line of traffic.


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