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5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Winter Weather

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Winter Weather

When snow starts to fall and roads become covered with ice, motorcyclists don’t suddenly stop being motorcyclists. You are still going to be out there on the road, going about your business. Unfortunately, dangerous road conditions and inclement weather pose serious risks to anyone on the roadway during the winter. In fact, motorcycle accidents in New Jersey and just about everywhere else in the US typically go way up as the temperature goes way down.

The most important thing you can do before taking your bike on the road this winter is to know what to expect. Exercising caution and taking preventative measures could ultimately save your live.

Here are a few motorcycle safety tips for winter weather:

Prep Your Motorcycle for the Winter

Your bike needs to be sufficiently prepared for the winter, when windy conditions and ice roads could make it difficult for you to navigate. Aluminum wind guards or wind deflectors on the handles will help you to keep your hands warm while riding in cold weather. You should also make sure that your tires have sufficient tread so that you can get traction when riding over snow or ice.

Wear Winter-Appropriate Gear

In addition to preparing your bike for winter riding, you need to protect yourself against the elements because you will not be shielded from winter weather, including snow, rain, and wind, by the body of a car. This means wearing layers and making sure that your legs and arms are covered. Also, since you will need flexibility in order to maneuver the bike, the material should be thin and include a base layer to manage moisture, especially during cold weather. Additionally, waterproof gloves and boots are necessities when riding during the wintertime.

Ride with Caution

Black ice is a thin coating of glaze ice on the roadway and is visually transparent. You will not be able to see black ice on the road and passing over it could cause you to skid and lose control of your bike, so proceed with caution at all times while riding your motorcycle during the winter.

Don’t Tailgate

Even in the best conditions, it is difficult to bring your bike to a sudden stop. During the winter, it becomes even tougher to react to dangers in front of you. That’s why you need to increase the distance between your bike and the car or truck in front of you on the roadway while riding in the wintertime. And remember that other vehicles will also have a hard time stopping quickly on icy roads. So be aware if a car or truck is tailgating you and switch lanes or get out of the way before you are seriously injured in a multi-vehicle accident.

Stay Off the Roads

Check the weather report before taking your bike out for a ride. And if you are already riding your motorcycle when you realize that the weather conditions are treacherous, consider pulling over and getting off the road as soon as possible.


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