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Website Collects Data on Most Dangerous Intersections for Motorcyclists

Website Collects Data on Most Dangerous Intersections for Motorcyclists

Intersections are one of the most dangerous places on the road for motorcyclists, with over half of all car-motorcycle crashes occurring at an intersection, according to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General. Often, the crash occurs because a driver of a car or truck at the intersection isn’t paying sufficient attention to spot the motorcyclist until it is too late to avoid the accident.

But which intersections are the worst places for motorcyclists? Which demand that motorcyclists watch more carefully for drivers–who may not be watching for them?

A crowdsourced website seeks to answer that question. collects information on the most dangerous intersections in all fifty U.S. states, sorted by the risk they pose to various types of users: vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, trains, and motorcyclists. Users can search by location, find dangerous intersections on a map, and submit their own information about accidents that occur at intersections in their own communities.

Just a few of the intersections highlighted on the map as dangerous for motorcyclists include:

·             Route 31 and Main Street in Glen Gardner, New Jersey is highlighted as one of the most dangerous intersections for both motorcyclists and car drivers.

·             Broad and Market Streets in Newark. The intersection at Broad and Raymond Street is also highlighted as a dangerous one for motorcyclists and others.

·             Route 1 and Bakers Basin in Lawrenceville. Route 1 is the site of a number of other dangerous intersections as well, including Route 1 and Plainfield Avenue in Edison and Route 1 and Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City.

·             Route 9 and Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City has also been the site of several major crashes in recent years.

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