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Do You Know How to Avoid the Most Common Type of Motorcycle Accident?

Bike riders know full well how much danger they are in when they take to the open road — mostly because car drivers seem to be oblivious to important safety concerns regarding motorcyclists who are sharing the road. That’s why all bike riders need to be aware of how dangerous the blind left turn can be. In fact, it’s, without a doubt, the most frequently occurring of all motorcycle accidents.

The driver of a car either doesn’t see you or judges your speed incorrectly and thinks they can make a left turn before the motorcycle reaches the intersection. The car driver might not be paying attention or maybe they are distracted. In some situations, the driver may look right at you and not see you. Popular motorcycle blog calls it car psychology: “A driver looking for cars perceives merely an absence of cars, not the presence of a motorcycle.”

To avoid getting into a blind left turn accident, motorcyclists must watch out for themselves. Be alert and aware. If you see the potential problem coming at you, you can avoid it. Part of your job as a rider is to develop a sixth sense; this is a time when that intuition will come in handy.

  •  If there are cars at an intersection waiting to turn, anticipate them turning in front of you.
  • When there are gaps in traffic near an intersection, driveway or parking lot, slow down and be prepared to take evasive action.

Be aware of how aware the car driver is; can you make eye contact? Do they see you? Also make sure you anticipate where their car is headed. You can check the car’s tires to see where and when it’s going to start turning.

Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of owning the road. There is no better time to “own the road” than when you are concentrating on safety.

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