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Plan for the Best but Prepare for the Worst; Have an Escape Plan

Minor motorcycle accidents are rare. Therefore, take all hazards seriously when you are riding your bike. Identifying these threats is only the first step; you also need to identify your escape route.

As you ride, pay attention at all times to what is behind and on either side of you. You may brake in time to avoid a turning car, only to be hit from behind. Your brakes will respond differently on different road surfaces — there may be a paved shoulder for you to escape to, but if it is covered in gravel you run the risk of wiping out while trying to slow down.

The best way to avoid a collision is to ride with an “if/then” plan in mind. For instance: “If the car at the next intersection turns left, then I will brake and move to the empty left lane.”

Prior proper planning, a little luck and an alert eye are all necessary to make sure your fun bike ride doesn’t end up in an ER visit — or worse.

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