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Why Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance Is Not The Best

Why Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance Is Not The Best


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So you just bought a new — or new to you — motorcycle.   You shopped around to make sure you got a great price on a great bike and now you are looking to save on insurance.   I do not blame you.   You have just made a serious investment and every penny you can save on your motorcycle insurance policy is another that stays in your pocket.

But when it comes to saving on motorcycle insurance, cheaper is not better.   You should look for a policy that provides maximum coverage (even if it costs extra money).   Here are two reasons why the cheapest motorcycle insurance available is clearly not the motorcycle insurance for you:

Minimal coverage means minimal protection.   While your state’s minimum liability coverage looks tempting, consider how it will help you after an unexpected accident.  What seems like a money-saving decision at checkout time can quickly turn ugly when it is time to file a claim for injuries.

Learn about uninsured and underinsurance (UM/UIM) coverage.   It is critical.   It is the most important part of your motorcycle insurance.   Do not get on your motorcycle until you understand UM/UIM.

A cheaper policy in action.

Let’s say you purchased motorcycle insurance with State minimum bodily injury and property damage coverage limits of:

$15,000 per person

$30,000 per incident

$15,000/$30,000 for UM/UIM

You are a good driver, so you decide to take those limits, decline all the optional coverages offered, and, as a result, you manage to save a couple hundred dollars on your premium.

Everything is great . . . until months later, when an uninsured motorist, or one with cheap insurance like you, hits and seriously injures you in the middle of an intersection when you had the green light.   This is where a maxim um policy, with $500,000 of UM/UIM will provide you and your loved ones sufficient money to cover your loss.

Call or email me about your motorcycle policy.   I promise you will not regret it.   No one should operate a motorcycle with cheap insurance.   It is all about the UM/UIM.

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