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Biker Injured in Motorcycle-Car Collision on Route 130 in South Brunswick, NJ

Biker Injured in Motorcycle-Car Collision on Route 130 in South Brunswick, NJ

Law enforcement in South Brunswick NJ is investigating a motorcycle crash on Route 130 that left the biker with serious injuries.

The accident occurred just after 6:00 a.m. on Route 130 in South Brunswick, New Jersey. The biker, an unidentified man in his 20s, was reportedly traveling northbound on the highway when he crashed into a Nissan Xtera.

The motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries in the accident. Emergency medical responders stabilized the victim at the scene of the crash before transporting him to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Doctors at the New Brunswick medical facility treated him for his accident-related injuries and later listed him in critical condition.

According to authorities, the driver of the other vehicle in the accident did not sustain any injuries and did not require medical treatment.

For several hours after the motorcycle crash, law enforcement had to shut down a number of lanes on the highway so that police could investigate the accident and emergency crews could remove debris from the road. The South Brunswick Police Department indicated that no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the motorcycle accident at this time. Moreover, neither motorist has been cited for any traffic violations thus far.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

The majority of motorcycle accidents in New Jersey involve two vehicles: a motorcycle and a car. Moreover, in most instances, the collision is caused when the car crashes into the motorcycle.

However, according to police, the recent accident on Route 130 in South Brunswick went differently. The driver of the car involved in the Route 130 accident was reportedly in the process of turning onto Stults Road when the motorcyclist crashed into him. This is in line with how a lot of people view motorcyclists on NJ roads: as being overly aggressive and driving dangerously. But the truth is that most motorcyclists operate their bikes in a safe manner, with multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents usually being caused by other drivers who fail to notice a motorcycle on the road in the first place.

Some of the most common causes of multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents in NJ are:

·           Driver Negligence: Motorists who speed or drive while intoxicated pose significant risks to motorcyclists, as well as drivers and passengers in other vehicles on the roadway.

·           Sudden Stops: Motorcycles are capable of stopping more suddenly than other vehicles, which can lead to rear-end collisions when a car or truck is following too closely behind the bike.

·           Blind Spots: When a driver of a car or truck fails to properly check their blind spots, it can be a motorcyclist who bears the brunt of the resulting collision.

·           Night Driving: Motorcyclists are harder to spot on the road at night when it’s dark outside, increasing the likelihood of a collision.

·           Traffic: NJ roadways are notorious for being congested, especially during rush hours in the morning and after work.


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