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Woman Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Mine Hill NJ Roadway

Authorities are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident in Mine Hill NJ that resulted in the tragic death of the motorcyclist.

The accident occurred at night on Canfield Avenue, which is near the border separating Mine Hill from Randolph. According to officials investigating the crash, it appears to have been a single-vehicle accident. The victim was traveling north on Canfield Avenue when she apparently lost control of her bike, crossed over into oncoming traffic, and then crashed into a telephone pole just off the roadway.

The victim was briefly treated at the scene of the crash by emergency medical responders and then rushed to St. Clare’s Hospital in Dover, NJ. Doctors at the Dover medical facility valiantly tried to save the victim’s life, but they were not able to do so; she was later pronounced dead, with the cause of death likely being injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident. At the time of her death, the victim was 68 years old.

The victim lived in Arkansas. It is believed that she may have come to New Jersey to visit her mother, who lives in Randolph, NJ.

The Wharton Police Department, which covers the Mine Hill area, is actively investigating the fatal motorcycle accident and trying to determine exactly what might have caused the single-vehicle crash.

Depending on the circumstances of the motorcycle crash, it is possible that the victim’s family will be able to file a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer of the motorcycle. Although many motorcycle accidents are caused by driver error, some can also be caused by defective auto parts in the bike.

For more information, read the article, “Woman, 68, Killed in Motorcycle Crash in Mine Hill.”


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