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Why Hire a Motorcycle Attorney

My name is Andrew S. Prince. I have been an attorney for over 25 years and during all of that time I have been actively involved in representing the motorcycle community. Currently I sit on the Board of Directors of Rider Education of New Jersey. This organization has taught over 75,000 motorcyclists in our state to operate their motorcycle with more safety. No matter how experienced a motorcyclist you are, you would benefit from one of the courses offered by Rider Education ( From a beginner to intermediate or advanced class, you will learn something new I promise you.

There are many lawyers in the State of New Jersey who represent those who have been seriously injured in an accident. However, these lawyers do not necessarily have the unique perspective of what it is like to be the motorcyclist. It is so important to have someone representing you that clearly understands the perils of being a motorcyclist in New Jersey as well as the prejudice that often occurs after a motorcycle accident. I have had dozens of police reports that blame the motorcyclist for an accident that clearly was not the motorcyclist’s fault. It is in these types of situations that you need an attorney that has expertise in representing motorcyclists.

A few lawyers in New Jersey are advertising as motorcycle attorneys, but their offices are located in Pennsylvania, New York and in some cases not even on the east coast. I am only a New Jersey motorcycle attorney. My firm has offices throughout New Jersey. I have represented individuals as far south as Cape May County and as far north as Sussex County. I have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of my motorcycle clients over the past 25 years.

There is no question that I can help you or a family member or friend in case of a motorcycle accident. There are unique issues that come about when you are involved in a motorcycle accident in which the average attorney may not be able to give you the best advice.

Issues dealing with the type of motorcycle insurance you maintain, as well as the type of medical insurance coverage you have, are so very important if, and when, you are involved in a motorcycle accident in which you are injured.

If you have any questions pertaining to your motorcycle insurance as to whether you have proper coverage or for that matter, your medical insurance coverage, as to whether it will cover you in a motorcycle accident, please feel free to call me to discuss at no charge. You could also email me. All of my contact information is listed below if you need me. There is never a charge for a legal consultation.

I stand ready, willing and able to help you at any time. Please take advantage of calling me with any legal questions that you might have without charge. If I am not able to help you, I clearly could refer you to the appropriate attorney that will have the expertise to handle a non-related motorcycle or personal injury matter.

All of my motorcycle cases I handle personally. However, you will note that I have a big firm behind me to provide the financial support that a motorcycle accident deserves and, more importantly, can handle other legal matters outside of my expertise. Many of the other so-called motorcycle attorneys are sole practitioners and do not have the financial where-with-all or support to properly handle your case. When you hire me you also have a big firm behind me providing the support that you deserve.

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