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New Jersey

Strange Motorcycle Laws from Around the Country

Lawmakers have the best interests of their constituents at heart. However, since life in one part of this country can be so vastly different from life in another part, it’s not unusual to hear about new laws that can make you shake your head in confusion. So, while even though issues might not be carved in legal stone in NJ, they are good to know. You never know when, as a biker, the open road may lead you directly to these places.

  • In Alabama, it’s illegal for someone to be blindfolded while driving or operating a vehicle — including motorcycles.
  • In Georgia, it’s illegal to drive through playgrounds.
  • In Hemet, Calif., any driver who is involved in a vehicular accident resulting in death will have to stop and give their information…to the person who was hit. A dead person.
  • In Corning, Iowa, it’s illegal for a man to ask his wife to ride in any motor vehicle with him — motorcycles included.
  • New Mexico’s laws require men to pump gas for female bikers. Men also have to volunteer to pump flat tires for single ladies in this chivalrous state, too.
  • In Pennsylvania, an old statute on the books that is likely not followed anywhere in the state, says that any motorist who finds himself driving along country roads after sundown must stop every mile and let out a flare so that farmers can get their livestock out of the way.
  • Texas recently passed Malorie’s Law, which “prohibits the riding by a passenger on any motorcycle that doesn’t have both footrests and handholds.”

While you may get a chuckle out of these old fashioned-sounding laws, be aware that they can legally be enforced in the jurisdictions where they are on the books. As a motorcyclist, it is your job to learn the rules of the road wherever you ride. You will be ticketed and forced to answer for illegal activity — even if you didn’t know the laws existed.  If you or someone you know is in need of an experienced motorcycle  personal injury  lawyer, look no further than Andrew Prince. He knows biking laws and will protect your interests if you’ve been involved in an accident.  Contact  him today.