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Seriously Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash? Don’t Go it Alone

Bike riders know the inherent dangers associated with their chosen method of transportation. A motorcycle rider is relatively unprotected from the elements. Most egregiously, when a negligent car driver doesn’t “see” the biker sharing the road, the resulting accident can cause catastrophic injuries.

It’s not unusual for a biker to have no memory of the accident that sent them immediately to the hospital, often by speeding ambulance or medivac. That’s because injuries such as traumatic brain injury are common in a motorcycle collision. Further, partial or full paralysis and wrongful death are, unfortunate, outcomes of these types of accidents.

The fact is, however, even relatively minor injuries (compared to spinal injury, for example) can have life-altering consequences for a biker involved in a crash. Even the most minor cuts and scrapes, often called “road rash,” can become infected and cause serious pain and suffering. Other times, hand, foot and severe shoulder injuries can sideline a biker from participating in their normal activities — including motorcycling!

Further, because a motorcyclist isn’t protected by tons of metal the way a car driver would be in an accident (there are also no airbags or crumple zones!) the biker often suffers multiple injuries that will require a significant amount of recovery time. Meanwhile, as you are laying low and doing prescribed physical therapy, it’s not unusual to have no paycheck coming in. If you don’t have insurance, the bills are mounting and you need money to pay your way.

That’s where speaking with a knowledgeable, successful motorcycle accident lawyer comes into play. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) revealed that 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in “significant and catastrophic injuries” to the biker. Once you’ve received appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, contact experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for a free consultation about your accident.

Andrew Prince is a personal injury lawyer and motorcycling advocate. He never backs down to insurance companies and won’t pressure you into settling your case for a low-ball offer made by the opposing side in an effort to get you to drop your legal claim. Instead, you can rely on Mr. Prince of Team Law to fight for maximum financial damages. He works on contingency and there are no upfront legal costs.