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Road Rash: The Under Estimated Motorcycle Crash Injury

When people think of devastating and dangerous motorcycle accident injuries, many picture broken bones or traumatic brain injuries. Generally speaking, road rash or road burn aren’t thought of as serious injuries, but they most certainly can be.

Road rash happens when a rider is thrown from their bike and their skin makes contact with the pavement. Since bikes aren’t equipped with seat belts, a metal frame or anything to restrain a biker’s movement, being thrown from a motorcycle is a very common — and dangerous — occurrence for motorcyclists.

There are three degrees of road rash:

  • First degree: This is injury is similar to a rug burn and does not require medical attention. The skin will appear reddened, reflecting a surface injury. It’s still painful, however.
  • Second degree: When the skin breaks, exposing the underlying layers, the road rash becomes a second degree injury. The remaining layers of skin stay intact, and the second degree injury may cause some scarring. Over the counter medical treatments are generally acceptable for second degree road burns.
  • Third degree: The most serious type of road rash does require medical attention. With this level of injury, all five layers of skin are broken, exposing fat. Since there is so much skin open, those afflicted with third degree burns are highly susceptible to infections. This is a highly painful injury.

Protect yourself from road burn

The first way to protect yourself from road rash injuries is to realize that it can happen to anyone, even you. You may be the safest rider in the world with an impeccable driving record; all it takes is one accident.

Wear protective clothing, such as leathers and mesh jackets, to decrease the chance of injury in the event of a fall. There are other DOT approved products which help reduce risk of serious road rash injuries. Keep yourself protected at all times.

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