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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents At Night: It’s Easier Than You’d Think

Depending on roadway conditions, lighting and traffic, driving a car at night is dangerous enough, but riding a motorcycle can easily pose even more problems and dangers around every bend of the road. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur at night and many of these are preventable. Before your next night ride, read up on these handy safety tips. It may just save your life!

  • Unleash your inner peacock. Being visible to other drivers is a must during night time riding, so it makes sense to do what you can in order to avoid blending into the night. Bikers who want to stay safe at night are wise to wear very bright colors, or even place extra reflective tape on a favorite jacket. It’s smart to add some fluorescent tape or accents to your helmet, too.
  • Motorcycle lighting is extremely important. People are most likely to see your bike’s lights first, which means that putting an effort to upgrade your motorcycle lights is a great idea. Bright lights are more visible from afar, and also will make it easier for you to see during foggier nights.
  • Consider adding dual running headlights to your bike if it didn’t come with them already.
  • Make sure that your lights are properly aimed. In order to get the most out of your lights, aim your motorcycle headlights properly. A good rule of thumb is to drop them two inches for every 10 feet.
  • Don’t be afraid to tape up your bike. Reflective tape, fluorescent tape, and other similar accent additions can be both stylish and safety-enhancing. Cars that are perpendicular to you will be more likely to spot you if the sides of your bike have reflective gear on them, after all.
  • Ride in the center of the road whenever possible. It’s the easiest place for drivers to spot you.
  • You still need to use common sense if you want to stay safe. If you have night blindness, don’t ride at night. Riding in pothole-rich areas is probably not wise at night, since you won’t be able to see the potholes until it’s too late. Speeding is never safe. Common sense still applies!

Riding at night can be a major thrill, but you should never risk taking a major spill. Even so, many motorcyclists will end up getting into an accident with another driver. If you did end up in a motorcycle accident with a reckless driver, it’s important to get a lawyer who can help you in your time of need. Call experienced motorcycle injury lawyer Andrew Prince today.