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NY “Vision Zero” Initiative Could Save Lives of Motorists

Motorists in New York, where traffic congestion is always a serious problem, tend to be at greater risk of being involved in motor vehicle accidents and suffering serious injuries. The risk of accident-related injuries is even greater for motorcyclists, who are unprotected in the event of a motorcycle accident. Moreover, a motorcyclist’s injuries can be exacerbated when the accident is a multi-vehicle collision that involves a car or truck.

Every year, more than 4,000 people are seriously injured in car accidents in New York, with more than 250 of these injuries proving fatal. The numbers are similar for a neighboring state like New Jersey, where traffic congestion on the roadways is also a serious problem — particularly as motorists move closer to NYC.

The alarming rate of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents on NY roads ultimately sparked New York lawmakers to embrace a new philosophy when it comes to preventing auto accident injuries and deaths. That’s why the City of New York enacted the Vision Zero Action Plan, an ambitious project with the goal of completely eliminating traffic-related injuries and deaths on the streets of New York City.

The Vision Zero Plan calls for NYC officials to “use every tool at their disposal” in order to improve traffic safety and ensure that motorists, including vehicle drivers and passengers, are protected against significant physical injuries.

One of the ways in which NYC law enforcement is working to protect car drivers, truck drivers, and motorcyclists is by strictly enforcing traffic laws and ticketing anyone who commits a serious moving violation such as speeding or failure to yield.

To learn more about the NYC Vision Zero regulations, view the article, “Vision Zero: No More Traffic Deaths.”


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