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New Jersey Experiences Decline in Road Fatalities, but Tread Lightly

The Garden State is finally on the winning side of road safety, according to a new study. The findings of a recent survey conducted by the National Safety Council reveal a 13 percent increase in road fatalities in the first four months of 2015. The silver lining is, however, that New Jersey is bucking this trend. The state experienced a seven percent decline in that time period, perhaps signaling that NJ motorists are taking safety more seriously than they have in the past. In all, 28 states experienced marked increases in traffic deaths. The uptick follows a 5.5 percent increase in the last quarter of 2014.

Experts speculate that if the trend continues, the United States could easily wind up seeing over 40,000 traffic deaths by the end of the year. And although New Jersey has experienced a decline, the state still has a lot of work to do. Motorcycle riders in particular still have to be extremely careful out on New Jersey’s heavily traveled roadways. Data shows a 12.5 percent increase in NJ motorcycle deaths in 2014, and this trend will not get reversed overnight. This new nationwide increase also gives pause to riders who are planning out-of-state bike rides as part of their summer vacation plans.

It’s the responsibility of all of us to share the road and respect one another’s space. Whether you’re planning on staying in New Jersey or venturing past the state’s borders, safety and awareness are of the utmost importance. In an effort to avoid being a casualty, it’s critical that riders take the proper precautions and avoid contact with obviously aggressive drivers. In the event, however, that an accident is unavoidable, it’s critical that you seek the services of an attorney who knows the law and who is willing to stand up for riders’ rights in court.

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