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New Braking Device Could Make Motorcycles Safer

We take brake lights on motor vehicles for granted. They help save lives by reminding drivers to slow down, alerting them to the fact that something is going on up ahead. You would think that manufacturers would have braking technology down to a science by now — but there seems to be room for improvement when it comes to motorcycle braking systems.

As a way to help reduce the amount of motorcycle accidents, a California start up by the name of VectoLabs has created a new invention. This new safety device is a light that illuminates when a motorcycle slows down, regardless of whether or not the rider is using the brakes.

The rationale behind this is quite simple. People don’t always realize that motorcycles can slow down without using their brakes. This in turn can cause drivers to continue to drive at the same pace which, in turn, can cause them to rear-end the motorcyclist. Bikes decelerate faster than cars, which means that car drivers often don’t realize how quickly they need to slow down in order to avoid rear-ending the motorcycle.

When a car rear ends a motorcycle, it’s very possible that the biker will end up with serious skull and spine injuries. In rear end motorcycle collisions, it’s not unusual for the biker to jettison forward — over the handlebars of the bike — landing on their head, neck or spine.

Although bikers often do everything that they can in order to ensure their safety while they are out on the road, accidents can and do happen. If you or a loved one was recently involved in a motorcycle accident, hire a personal injury lawyer with experience fighting for maximum compensation for injured bike riders. Call motorcycle injury lawyer Andrew Prince for a free consultation today.