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Motorcycle Recalls Are Serious Business; Don’t Ignore Them!

Motorcycle manufacturers are subject to the same rules and regulations that car makers must follow. Therefore, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues a recall notice, the bike makes must respond swiftly. In fact they are required to file a public report that details the safety-related defect of the equipment.

The report must outline:

  1. How many motorcycles or pieces of equipment are involved in the recall
  2. Major events or accidents /damages/injuries that resulted from the defective equipment
  3. The company’s plan to fix the problem
  4. How current owners can get their equipment repaired/updated, etc.

Further, manufacturers must try to contact the owners of all recalled motorcycles or related equipment. They must go beyond their own records to check the motor vehicle registration records on file in every state of the country.

The manufacturer must remedy the defect and pay for the repair or replacement at no cost to the consumer. This is true even if you were not formally notified of the recall.

The Following Recalls Were Issues by the NHTSA in The Past Six Months

Dec. 4, 2014: Some 2014 Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles have been recalled due to a “ hardness of the front and rear wheels.”

Nov. 12, 2014: A small number of 2015 Victory Motorcycles have been recalled due to “detent arm return springs on shift ratchet assemblies that were improperly installed and could cause bikes to potentially drop out of gear.”

Sept. 08, 2014: Approximately, 126,000 Gold Wing bikes are the subject of a Honda recall that calls into question the secondary master cylinder on its brakes.

July 09, 2014: Harley-Davidson recalled ABS-equipped 2014 Touring bikes. The company says “the front brake line potentially pinched between the fuel tank and frame.”

If you own any of these motorcycles, contact your local dealer for replacement and/or repair.

Making sure you bike is in good working order is key to avoiding accidents on the open road. However, if you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, contact experienced motorcycle injury lawyer Andrew Prince for skilled representation.