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One of your first priorities following a motorcycle accident in New Jersey should be to consult with a lawyer in a free, no-obligation consultation.  Having effective legal representation can mean the difference between having your bike replaced and your medical bills paid for and losing your bike and paying thousands of dollars for the rest of your life.  An experienced motorcycle attorney can often recover damages that can pay for medical bills, damaged property, loss of work and wages, physical therapy, and many others.

When looking for an attorney to represent you there are several important things to take into consideration.  Having ineffectual legal representation is the last thing you want in a moment like this.  You should avoid lawyers who try to charge you for a consultation or firms that pass your case off to less experienced lawyers (associates).  You should always speak to a lawyer about your potential motorcycle case.  And, most importantly, make sure the one lawyer you see will represent you from day one to conclusion.

Your New Jersey motorcycle injury attorney should have significant motorcycle case experience as well.  Many personal injury firms will accept any case they can without even having specific experience in that area.  Other firms might have vehicle accident experience but lack the years of motorcycle-specific case knowledge.  ANDREW PRINCE also sees clients who have come from other lawyers to him after finding that their own lawyers did not have the experience to handle a significant motorcycle accident case.

While you can pay upfront legal fees for a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer, you should always be told about what will be owed from you for their services.  Truthfully, your law firm should be working your case on a contingent fee basis.  ANDREW PRINCE never takes money upfront and only receives a legal fee if he recovers money damages for you.

An experienced and qualified lawyer should also have the resources available to handle extensive cases and investigations.  They should have access to private investigators and other experts who can help build an effective case for you.  ANDREW PRINCE is backed by an established personal injury firm with the resources to fight the insurance company defending the case. 

New Jersey personal injury lawyer, ANDREW PRINCE, has decades of experience in handling motorcycle collision cases.  He is available for free consultations on any case.  He handles all of his cases on a contingent fee basis and there are never any hidden or extraneous charges to his clients.  

If you or a loved one has been the victim of serious physical injuries following a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, please contact ANDREW PRINCE.  Contact ANDREW PRINCE today at (732) 482-1533 (direct line), (732) 388-5454 (office) or (908) 377-3435 (cell phone) or email him at

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