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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in New Jersey during Summer Months

New Jersey roadways have become particularly dangerous for motorcyclists as we head into the heart of summer. In the last two months, 10 motorcyclists have died in fatal motorcycle accidents in the Garden State.

During the summer, more and more people take advantage of the nice weather and hit the NJ roads on their motorcycles. With a drastic increase in the total number of motorcyclists using the roadway as the weather gets warmer, there is also a significant increase in the number of motorcycle accidents. Many of these accidents can result in serious physical injuries and, in the worst cases, death.

Last month, seven people died in fatal motorcycle crashes in New Jersey. Most of these fatal accidents occurred in towns along the Jersey Shore. Two of these motorcyclists died while riding on the Garden State Parkway during Memorial Day weekend.

A quick analysis of motor vehicle accident data maintained by the New Jersey State Police shows that New Jersey had 523 fatal crashes in 2014, with 60 of these fatal accidents involving motorcycles. (The most recent data currently on file with the NJ State Police is from 2014.)

According to authorities, the major causes of fatal motorcycle accidents are “driver inattention” and “unsafe speed.” Another significant cause of motorcycle accidents during the summer months is heavier and more congested traffic on New Jersey roadways, which leaves motorcyclists with less room to maneuver when trying to avoid a collision.

While distracted driving poses a safety risk for all drivers on NJ roads, the reality is that motorcyclists are at the greatest risk of being involved in a fatal accident because they are unprotected by the body of a car in the event of a serious crash.

For additional information, check out the article, “At Least 10 Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in 2 Months on N.J. Roads.”


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