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Be Careful to Avoid Potholes and “Roadway Craters” this Spring

princeWith the weather slowly warming up and winter looking to finally be in the rearview mirror, motorcyclists will be eager to get back on the road. If you live in NJ, you’ve just survived one of the worst winters in recent history. You likely know that the constant snowstorms and other types of inclement weather took a nasty toll on roadways. Now, potholes are everywhere.

Don’t assume your favorite road, which was pothole free a year ago, is still just as safe as it once was. While potholes can do considerable damage to cars and trucks, potholes can be deadly to motorcyclists.

This fact was highlighted sadly in early April, when a 35-year-old sheriff’s deputy from Indiana was killed when his motorcycle hit a pothole. According to, Eric Stoffer was off duty when he lost control of his bike after it hit a pothole, and the motorcycle landed on top of him.

New Jersey riders have likely noticed that while some towns have addressed the leftover pothole issues of the winter, there are still many which have slipped through the cracks. The best thing a biker can do is use caution when traveling at high speeds on a highway or when riding at night.

Early pothole detection, allowing for maximum reaction time, is key for riders to remain safe. This likely means keeping speeds low and manageable. With cars on either side of a rider, swerving left or right is also not always an option, so hitting these potholes with low speeds will help prevent riders from being launched from their bikes.

Many motorcyclists love to feel the high speed winds brushing against them as the winter fades to spring and then to summer. However, remember that safety should always come first. Obey traffic laws, control your speeds and watch out for those sneaky potholes.

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