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6 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

Motorcycle crashes are an all too common occurrence on New Jersey’s roads. While many things can lead to dangerous roads and an increase in motorcycle risk, there are a few common types of crashes to know.

New Jerseys’ Most Common Motorcycle Crashes

Understanding the most common types of motorcycle accidents and what leads to them can help you take the steps to ensure safer motorcycling. Whether you are the driver of a passenger vehicle or a motorcyclist, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to avoid a collision that can be damaging. These are the most common types of motorcycle crashes:

Left Turn Accidents

Perhaps the most common type of motorcycle accident occurs when a passenger vehicle is turning left and the motorcyclist comes straight through the intersection. While the driver who is making the left turn is likely to be held liable, it is usually the motorcyclist that is injured the most. You can avoid a left turn accident with the following tips:

  • Don’t attempt a left turn when illegal
  • Be aware of pedestrians or cyclists
  • Avoid speeding up to turn left
  • Only turn left when both lanes are clear

It is best to avoid rushing when turning left. Make sure the lane is clear before proceeding.

Switching Lanes

Because motorcyclists take up less space, they are at risk of another vehicle switching lanes into their lane. You can avoid a switching lane accident with the following tips:

  • Be aware of vehicles in lanes near you
  • Double check that a lane is open before switching

It is also a good idea to be aware of the other lanes, in the event that you have to quickly move out of yours to prevent a collision.

Head-On Collision

Not only are head-on collisions possible as a motorcyclist, but they tend to be the worst type of accident. You can avoid a head-on collision with the following tips:

  • Maintain a legal and safe speed
  • Stay in the right lane
  • Be aware of the road ahead at all times
  • Ride off the road when needed to prevent a head-on accident

It is important to avoid distractions, as they can easily lead to a head-on collision.

Lane Splitting Accidents

Lane splitting is common among motorcyclists because motorcycles take up less lane space. You can avoid a lane splitting accident with the following tips:

  • Avoid lane splitting altogether
  • Ensure enough space for other vehicles on the road

It is best to avoid lane splitting entirely as it can be distracting and dangerous.

Turning a Corner Collision

Many motorcyclists will suffer injuries as they turn a corner with speed. You can avoid a corner collision with the following tips:

  • Slow your speed before turning
  • Be aware of the road terrain

It is also important to be aware of poor weather or road conditions.

Operating a Vehicle or Motorcycle Under the Influence

When you drive under the influence, whether it is a vehicle or a motorcycle, you increase the chances of being in an accident. Drivers of all types should avoid driving under the influence.

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